Video: Laughter as Kantanka car calls President ‘thief’

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka’s inventions have gained local and international recognition for some of their unique and witty features.
From responding to hand gestures, voices commands and the inventions giving voice warning, Apostle Kantanka has been praised by many for his unique achievements.
But President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo seems to have found himself a victim of the Apostle’s inventions.
He was the guest of honour at the 37th edition of the unveiling of some of Kantaka’s innovations.
The event saw the display of locally made luxury cars including the Kantanka Mensah and the Kantanka Amoanimaa. Several other inventions were displayed.

As the special guest at the event, the president was made to sit in the Kantanka Mensah to experience first-hand, some of the unique features.
Just after the president alighted from the car, a voice alarm from the vehicle started yelling had been stolen by a thief.
Watch the video for what happened:

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