Shatta Wale finally opens up on reports of 'sacking' Shatta Michy

Shatta Wale finally opens up on reports of ‘sacking’ Shatta Michy

Earlier today, reports were rife in the media that the “Taking Over” hit maker had ‘sacked’ Diamond Michelle Gbagonah known widely as Shatta Michy from his house over an alleged cheating escapade.

The reports went on to reveal that Shatta Wale ‘caught’ Shatta Michy on top of a man in his (Shatta Wale’s) house leaving him with no choice than to throw Shatta Michy out.

However, the award-winning artiste has taken to his Facebook page to comment on the matter. He indicated in his post that, “Bloggers 2018 change ur life and come lets work together …Your lies deh mek ade get money too much …Aaaabbba”.

In effect, the musician was clearing the air and insinuating that all the earlier reports were nothing but blatant ‘lies’ and fabrications made up to tarnish the image of hardworking Shatta Michy.

If his post was anything to go by, nothing of the sort had happened between him and Shatta Michy as was being reported in the media.

The “Ayoo” song maker went on to send an invitation to ‘bloggers’ to come and work with him because their ‘lies’ was rather making him a lot of money.

The dancehall act and Shatta Michy have a son together, Majesty who Shatta Wale adores and loves so much.

After reports started going round on social media, Shatta Michy shared some lovey-dovey photos of herself with Shatta Wale to prove that the allegations were not true.

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