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We apologise for Shatta Wale’s absence at CAF Awards – Aiteo

Aiteo, headline sponsors of the 2017 Confederation of African Football (CAF) Awards have rendered an apology to Ghanaian act Shatta Wale and Ghanaians for his “non-outing” at the awards ceremony.

The ‘no show’ of the Ghanaian dance hall giant and the low representation of Ghanaian musicians on the night has stirred debates on why the host nation would have only 2 artistes perform at the show.

Shatta who was billed to perform at the awards ceremony on 4th January, 2018 was not present at the programme.

He has explained that he declined to perform because he was approached through the wrong process for the deal.

Only two Ghanaian artistes sang at the programme: while Efya sang Ghana’s National Anthem at the beginning of the programme, Kidi performed last, when patrons were leaving the auditorium of the Accra International Conference Centre.

Below is the full statement from Aiteo, sponsors and coordinators of the programme:


Following the hugely successful CAF Awards event on Thursday, 4 January 2018, we feel constrained to offer both clarification and explanation as to the circumstances that led to the non-involvement of one national performer in the entertainment aspect of the event.

We start, in the first and primary instant, by apologizing for non-outing of Ghana music star Shatta Wale at the event.

This omission, contrary to some reported media accounts, was not deliberate.  Far from it. Shatta is an artiste whose work and reputation we continue to hold in the exalted heights that he has attained.  It is this appreciation that to led to his inclusion amongst those listed to perform.  That this did not happen did not occur through any actions on the part of the organisers. As sponsors charged with the implementation of various parts of the arrangements on the day, we take responsibility for the omission and offer our unreserved apologies to the Government and good people of Ghana.  We are, nevertheless, able to confirm that every arrangement was made for Shatta Wale to appear and perform at the event. Constraints beyond our control caused an enforced departure from that scheduling. The circumstances that brought about this situation are deeply regretted.

It is indisputable that we, as a company, hold His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and the Government and good people of Ghana in the highest esteem.  This appreciation is evident in the dispatch with which the choice of Ghana as hosts was made; our commitment to deployment of considerable domestic support in organizing and delivering the event; the high level of commercial activity directly impacting the immediate community by the event as well as the significant and well deserved enhancement of Ghana’s standing in the global football community.  These were all the factors that we as an organization earmarked as irreducible minimums in electing to stage the event in Ghana.  We can say, with some assuredness, that those objectives were substantially achieved.  It is important to note that even within the entertainment aspect of the programme, Ghanaian interest was very visibly represented in one half of the presenting team for the event.

We take this opportunity to reiterate our most profound gratitude to His Excellency, President of the Republic of Ghana, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo for greatly enhancing the stature of the event not only by his presence but his impressive display of knowledge of Ghanaian, African and world football. His Excellency enraptured a world audience with his vast knowledge and we cannot thank him enough. We also wish to appreciate, especially former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Dr Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR of Nigeria, former President John Jerry Rawlings of Ghana and his wife, the First Lady-designate of Liberia, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State, Nigeria, FIFA Secretary General Fatima Samora, members of the Ghana Federal Executive Council, the leadership of CAF, the Ghanaian Football Association and Nigeria Football Federation. We are very proud to have been involved in this event with such distinguished and accomplished company.  We recognize the errors that occurred and pledge our commitment to making necessary adjustments in future.

Ndiana Matthews
Senior Manager, Media and Communications
Aiteo Group

Close down if you can’t stand competition – Edem to GTV

Rapper Edem has added his voice to the current debate on the payment of TV Licence Fees, saying it is a shame to fund the state broadcaster.

In a tweet, the ‘Nyedzilo’ hit maker asks GTV to close down if they cannot stand the competition from private television stations.

“If national TV cant face the growing competition on the television or in the media industry please close down..,” he tweeted.

He also describes the TV Licence Fees as rip-off.

“Don’t siphon money from us in the name of TV license.. Instead of spear heading the payment of royalties, u want to rip us off.. Such a shame,” he added.

Close down if you can’t stand competition – Edem to GTV

The TV Licence Fees established by the Television Licensing Act – 1966 (NLCD 89) were re-introduced in 2015 to charge fees from individuals and groups that own television sets.

The licence fee has been put into three categories. The first category is the domestic use which charges GH¢36 per television set and GH¢60 for two or more TV sets in the same house.

TV set repairers and outlets shall pay GH¢60, while TV dealers pay GH¢120.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (including GTV) which has been mandated to do the collection of the fees will take 72% of the revenue.

Ghana Independent Broadcasting Association (GIBA) gets 15%, National Media Commission (NMC) – 4%, Media Development Fund – 4%, the Management of TV Licence Fee (GBC) gets 3% and Films Fund also takes 2% of the revenue.

The debate on the payment of the fees got re-ignited when news broke few days ago that Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo had established 11 special TV Licence Courts across the regions to try defaulters of the licence fees.

The courts, which will sit in the 10 regional capitals plus Tema on Thursdays, will be presided over by 11 designated circuit court judges.

The time for the Court sitting is 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Video: Laughter as Kantanka car calls President ‘thief’

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka’s inventions have gained local and international recognition for some of their unique and witty features.
From responding to hand gestures, voices commands and the inventions giving voice warning, Apostle Kantanka has been praised by many for his unique achievements.
But President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo seems to have found himself a victim of the Apostle’s inventions.
He was the guest of honour at the 37th edition of the unveiling of some of Kantaka’s innovations.
The event saw the display of locally made luxury cars including the Kantanka Mensah and the Kantanka Amoanimaa. Several other inventions were displayed.

As the special guest at the event, the president was made to sit in the Kantanka Mensah to experience first-hand, some of the unique features.
Just after the president alighted from the car, a voice alarm from the vehicle started yelling had been stolen by a thief.
Watch the video for what happened:

Gifty Osei swerves bloggers

It was a great news to hear last year that one of Ghana’s respected gospel musicians, Gifty Osei has planned to fly one blogger to Donald Trump’s country for holidays.

The news inked the name of the musician in the good books of many bloggers because it is rare for a Ghanaian entertainer to make such a pledge.

Whilst some media folks believed the singer’s vow and lauded her for the move, others thought it was just a comment to gain attention.

2017 ended a few days ago but Gifty Osei has not announced the person she will be flying to the USA as she promised. heard her months back on Accra FM that she has selected five people for the competition but failed to give their names.

Did Gifty Osei mean her promise to bloggers or it was one of those things? Efforts to reach her to react to the USA trip has proven futile.


The minstrel at a buffet with some selected media guys (which included at African Regent Hotel in Accra on Wednesday, August 1, 2017, promised to sponsor one lucky blogger to the United States of America before December 2017. The move according to the ‘Fefeefe’ songstress was part of her ten years in music anniversary which was celebrated last year.

Briefing the press at the dinner, the ‘Fefeefe’ hitmaker disclosed that “even though few bloggers have not been fair to her in their reportage, she still holds them in high esteem because the contribution of others towards her decade-old career is enormous hence this fully paid expenses trip for vacation in the country with the population of about 321.1 million.”

Shatta Wale finally opens up on reports of ‘sacking’ Shatta Michy

Earlier today, reports were rife in the media that the “Taking Over” hit maker had ‘sacked’ Diamond Michelle Gbagonah known widely as Shatta Michy from his house over an alleged cheating escapade.

The reports went on to reveal that Shatta Wale ‘caught’ Shatta Michy on top of a man in his (Shatta Wale’s) house leaving him with no choice than to throw Shatta Michy out.

However, the award-winning artiste has taken to his Facebook page to comment on the matter. He indicated in his post that, “Bloggers 2018 change ur life and come lets work together …Your lies deh mek ade get money too much …Aaaabbba”.

In effect, the musician was clearing the air and insinuating that all the earlier reports were nothing but blatant ‘lies’ and fabrications made up to tarnish the image of hardworking Shatta Michy.

If his post was anything to go by, nothing of the sort had happened between him and Shatta Michy as was being reported in the media.

The “Ayoo” song maker went on to send an invitation to ‘bloggers’ to come and work with him because their ‘lies’ was rather making him a lot of money.

The dancehall act and Shatta Michy have a son together, Majesty who Shatta Wale adores and loves so much.

After reports started going round on social media, Shatta Michy shared some lovey-dovey photos of herself with Shatta Wale to prove that the allegations were not true.

Raquel promises music lovers an awesome 2018

One artiste who was not heard in 2017 is Raquel.

However, she has revealed in several interviews that she was preparing her album which will be the toast of many in 2018.

Well, as the world was ushered into the new year today, the songstress has promised an awesome year for her followers and lovers of music in Ghana and globally.

In a post on Facebook announcing her preparedness towards giving out her best this year, she indicated that “Happy New Year Family, Fans and Friends! We love u to the max…this year is gonna be an awesome year. #2018”.

Chris Attoh’s Ex Damilola Indirectly Addresses Divorce From Ex Husband…

Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh confirmed late this year that his 2-year-old marriage to actress, Damilola Adegbite has crashed and they are divorced. He however insisted that he never cheated on his wife as people alleged, but didn’t state the reason for their breakup.

Damilola, who shares a son wth him, has now indirectly addressed the major change in her life that she claims happened due to betrayal of trust.

She wrote in a post on Instagram;

2017 was a tough year for me. One of the toughest of my life. My trust was betrayed in heart breaking ways and I had to go through some very painful overwhelming changes. But in all this, I am eternally grateful because who I am became crystal clear to me. Most importantly, I became more convinced that there is a higher power ( call it nature, karma, the universe.. I choose “GOD”). A GOD who listens when called on and who fights for the patient and selfless. He gave me some things I thought I really really wanted, to prove to me that there is nothing impossible for him to do, but he took them away again, this time by force, because sometimes, what we want is not necessarily good for us. It’s an uncomfortable process, like a child being weaned, but it signifies growth and advancement. I can’t deny that my scars are still healing, and I’m still a little dizzy from trying to adjust ?but ultimately, I am thankful for the opportunity to have been handed an almost brand new slate and for the courage to accept it.

This coming year, if things aren’t going the way you planned, sometimes, you may just have to take some steps back or away and choose to look at things from a different angle. I promise you, there is always a silver lining. When you are treated unjustly, you don’t always have to fight back or retaliate. Sometimes all you need to do is WALK AWAY from the situation. The law of karma will sort things out. Watever happens, trust that things are falling in place as they need to FOR YOUR GOOD. Stay POSITIVE and CHEERFUL, train yourself not to hold on to anything or anyone too tightly and never let anyone or any situation dim your LIGHT. I wish you and your loved ones a prosperous new year. May 2018 be the best year of our lives so far ? I don’t know about you but I am super SUPER excited about my future ?

Yvonne Nelson tears down Berla Mundi and her ‘clueless’ guests

Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson has descended heavily on popular television host, Berla Mundi for discussing her love affair with a supposed married man.

She castigated the host for dissecting her issue and passing judgment on her when Berla Mundi herself, Yvonne claimed, is equally guilty of the same offence she is being hanged for.

Without mincing words, Yvonne took to twitter calling Berla Mundi a “liar” who assembled “clueless” people to talk about her relationship.

Even though Yvonne Nelson is reported to have said that the man who fathered her baby was at the verge of divorcing his wife during their amorous relationship, Berla Mundi said going to bed with a married man was a condemnable act.

“That is wrong, we shouldn’t condone it,” Berla Mundi said on The Late Afternoon Show on GHone on Friday.

Yvonne Nelson tears down Berla Mundi and her ‘clueless’ guests

The actress immediately reacted to that comment.

Few minutes later, she went back to twitter to vent her anger again, tweeting at Berla Mundi.

“@berlamundi Don’t rain curses into your 2018.A bunch of bitter women in this industry,i’m only commenting on this because I thought you were smarter than the rest and because I casted you once.”

Yvonne Nelson recently opened up in an interview she granted Wow Magazine that the man who impregnated her did not propose to her but she agreed to carry his baby.

“It’s quite funny because someone proposed and I didn’t even get to have a baby for the person and then this person who hasn’t proposed I’m having a baby for him, so it’s a vibe, it’s friendship, its understanding, it’s how happy the person makes you,” she said.

“@berlamundi you’ve been dating a married man and you have the guts to spread lies about me on your show with your clueless guests….do some research, go on @myeyeswide and find out since it’s your job to disscuss rumors and people. you claim you are all about empowerment…..,” Yvonne said in her tweet.